Detailed cleaning procedures

The following are the procedures that are followed by various members of our GMCF Staff.  Each staff team has a designated area of activity that they are responsible for based on the location of where they work.

CLEANING will be performed by GMCF Staff every hour in pool, weight rooms and common areas (lobby and locker rooms when use is permitted).

SANITIZING will be performed by GMCF Staff at the end of every shift (AM/PM) in pool, weight rooms, common areas and classrooms (after every group class)

 *Members will be expected to clean equipment before and after every use with a cleaning solution provided by GMCF.



  1. Put on general purpose disposable gloves to be worn throughout the cleaning process.
  2. Get your general use cleaning solution ready. Use a cleaner that will work on multiple surfaces.
  3. Apply cleaner to surfaces by spraying directly onto what you are cleaning, or spraying cleaner onto a microfiber cloth first. Start your cleaning by wiping down all high touch point areas, paying special attention to doors and door handles, faucets, fixtures, countertops, tables, and chairs. 
  4. Using the general purpose cleaner, spray and wipe all weights, bars, and machines, and equipment in the vicinity. Clean all equipment thoroughly. It is not enough to wipe down the top surface of a bench, for example. You should clean the sides, underneath, and along the legs. Be as thorough as possible. Don’t just clean the outside of lockers, but take time to clean the shelves, the inside of the door, and the backs of the cubbies. Remember that all equipment must be cleaned, including bands, yoga mats, foam rollers, and exercise balls. Porous equipment like resistance bands can be difficult to clean because the materials are prone to deterioration. You can clean such items in warm, soapy water (using a mild dish soap) and allow them to air dry.
  5. Remove all trash from trash cans and receptacles and wipe down those surfaces.


  1. Using a broad spectrum disinfectant, follow label instructions to properly disinfect and sanitize the now-clean equipment. Our favorite disinfecting/sanitizing products are Antibacterial Gym Wipes and Commercial Disinfectant Concentrate. You will want to use spray bottles and microfiber cleaning cloths for this step. Disinfect all surfaces that you have already cleaned using the general purpose cleaner.
  2. Remember that to properly disinfect the area, you will need to move equipment out of the way to wipe down and deep clean the weight room floors where sweat and other dirt collects. If the flooring is a hard surface like tile, you should use a dry mop to remove dirt before damp mopping with a disinfecting cleaner. Fill a mop bucket with the proper dilution of commercial disinfectant concentrate, wet and wring the wet mop leaving enough solution to thoroughly wet the floor. Starting at away from the doorway, begin mopping in a 10 ft by 10 ft area as you work your way toward the doorway. Allow to air dry. If the floor is heavily soiled, repeating if needed. If the flooring is a soft surface, like a mat or rubber flooring, use a broom or vacuum to get rid of dust and dirt. For mats, use a concentrated surface disinfectant to disinfect the surface. For rubber flooring, wet mop the floor using a solution of rubber flooring cleaner for gyms and allow the solution to soak through for around five to seven minutes before mopping up the excess water or using a wet-vac.
  3. If there are any linens, you will want to launder them with a detergent of your choice at the warmest water temperature and dry them completely.
  4. Clean windows and glass doors using a non-streaking glass cleaner and then again with a disinfecting multi-purpose cleaner to fully sanitize the glass. Spray down all weight room mirrors with a non-streaking glass cleaner and clean with a microfiber cleaning cloth or towel. Finish this step by repeating your last process, but this time using a disinfecting all-purpose spray. You should always save cleaning the mirrors for last, to avoid dirtying the glass while mopping or scrubbing down equipment.
  5. Carefully remove your gloves as soon as you are finished and toss them in the trash. Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds in warm water. You should do this every time you finish cleaning and disinfecting an area.