GMCF Rules of Engagement


Please check and confirm you have made a reservation to class. Under no circumstance will we allow participation without a previous class reservation in place.


Please arrive a few minutes before the start of class to get yourself oriented, especially if it is your first class back. We hope to keep everyone on the same page as we facilitate our workouts.


You will be directed to park in the bottom tier of the parking lot at the new GMCF building.  Please do not park at the FitPark or in the parking lot at the old building.  Parking spaces will be designated. Please park in a designated space.


In order to run outdoor classes, full compliance with our guidelines must be followed.  Please know that all of the guidelines that are or will be set are in place to keep our staff and you (our members) remaining healthy and well and physically fit, together. 

Masks will not be required while you are working out.  We will set athletes up more than 6 feet apart from each other for the workout.  Before and after the workout, while socializing is more likely, we would encourage mask usage and would advise keeping it handy at all times. 

Priority 1:  You will not register for class if you are not feeling well.

Priority 2:  You will remain at least 6 feet apart from any other person at all times.

Priority 3:  You will likely work in a designated space unless transitioning from one area to another.  We know you will be breathing hard during your workout and will practice keeping you far from other participants. 

Priority 4:  You will remain outside of any building that belongs to GMCF. Neither facility is open at this time so there will be no access to bathrooms.  Please plan ahead.

Priority 5:  You will have access to sanitizing wipes and a bleach solution should they be needed at any time during the hour.

Priority 6: You will be expected to follow the Trainer’s instructions and stay with the class.  Please communicate with your Trainer if you need or decide to perform alternative movements so they know what to expect from you. 

Note: Stay Low Risk – Now is not the time to try a brand new or extreme exercise.  Please respect your body and its capacity to perform after many weeks of likely a different training regimen.  


Because we have loaned out most of our equipment, we will continue to design the workouts to work without any equipment at all or with items you can bring from home (odd objects).  We will have sanitization practices in place to use the tires, pull up bars and atlas stones that are part of our outdoor areas.  Should these be scheduled for use in the workout, your trainer will have treated them with a bleach solution and you will be required to treat what you touched with a bleach solution at the end of class.  

Priority 7:  Absolutely NO sharing equipment with anyone not from the same household.


Please do a double and triple check to remember to bring all of the items you carried with you, back to your car.  This will help keep your Trainer safe as well.

Priority 8:  Wash your hands when you arrive home and register for your next class!