Great Event: Virtual Suffrage Scramble 5K


Great Event: Virtual Suffrage Scramble 5K

Today’s post comes from Donna Smyers, longtime member and coach of the Masters Swimming program at GMCF…

Hi everyone,

I am putting on the Virtual Suffrage Scramble 5K to commemorate 100 years of women having the right to vote and ~50 years with the right to run. Proceeds and additional donations will go to the NAACP in VT to help fund expansion of voter registration, education and access for historically disenfranchised communities of color. VSCA and CVR are encouraging women and men all over VT to run a 5K the week of August 8-15 (Primary week in VT) wearing the commemorative yellow “Votes for Women 1920–Votes for All 2020” sash that is included with your entry. It would be great if you get some friends or your running club together to enhance visibility. Group discounts are available at sign up! A course around your town polling location on August 11 would be perfect. You could have each person in the group print one of these posters to carry during the run! might try to do a 5K with people every day that week with the sash! For more information on the event see:  and sign up on

Women gaining the right to vote 100 years ago is a big deal, so don’t let it pass unnoticed! Just think about this: it took us another ~50 years after gaining the right to vote to be allowed to run in most marathons or on school running teams!Find out more about the struggle and what was left unfinished from the VSCA site

The Facebook Event that you can also share is:

Thank you to UnTapped and Cabot Coop for supporting this event! Thanks and happy running and walking and voting!

Donna Smyers