Green Room Open for Action


Green Room Open for Action

1200 Square Feet of Fitness Potential

Today marks the opening of our Green Room in the Fitness Barn. This space, with it’s turf flooring and 42 foot pull-up bar, will be the home for a variety of class formats as well as a usable area for any Open Gym user. Tonight we will christen the room with our first GetFIT class at 5:15 pm. The GetFIT classes, along with HIITFIT, RowFIT, ErgFIT and KBXFIT are all part of the family of classes that serve as preparation for our GMXFIT classes (formerly CrossFit). So if you have any interest in learning the fundamentals of functional fitness under the tutelage of our veteran trainers, sign up for a FIT class and start the journey.

And speaking of opening up spaces – we obviously have not done a great job of communicating the fact that our LOCKER ROOMS ARE OPEN! Yes – although it is still a bit of a construction zone to get to them from the fitness floor, the lockers and showers are fully accessible during our open hours. The saunas are currently closed for safety concerns, but we do encourage you to start getting back to your normal routines in the gym.

Future openings to look for on the horizon will be our August 3rd opening of the full Fitness Barn. This will be the new home to our Open Gym experience (formerly known as the Fitness Floor) where you will have access to all of the cardio equipment, free weights and weight machines, along with the functional fitness spaces like the Green Room, the Purple Room and the Orange Room during non-class times. This will be a pivotal moment for us in our reopening and we look forward to seeing our members (and future members!) working out in an inspirational space that properly represents our community.