Information re: COVID Closure

Hello GMCF Members,

We come before you with the unfortunate news that we are forced to do a temporary shutdown of our facilities for a 6 week period of time. Since we re-opened in early June after the first  closure, we have gone to great lengths to keep our members safe. But with the recent outbreaks of COVID we now have a situation where we are not able to operate our physical location in a manner that we feel comfortable with.

There are two pieces to this news that we want you to be aware of…

The first is COVID. While our protocols are working well, we are starting to lose some employees because of contact tracing connections, making our daily operations a challenge. We also question whether or not it is ethical to host a space where there can be additional contact outside of family units during mandates to avoid this exact scenario. And the recent increase of cases has many of our members already choosing to cancel their class reservations, pool visits and regular gym visits, so overall traffic in the gym has waned.

The second is financial. All fall, we have been putting the pieces into place to bring our business into a sustainable place. Until recently our membership sales were on the rise, and we had 4 separate sports teams renting space in our facility. But with the Governor’s recent orders on sports activities being limited, and the increased COVID cases, we’ve lost some of that rental income and our membership numbers have started to turn in the wrong direction. This leads us to a place where we need to limit as many of our overhead expenses as possible. Simply put, a physical shutdown will help us bridge through this rugged time.

So as of Friday, November 20th at 8 pm we will be closing our Berlin and Montpelier locations, with the anticipated reopening of January 2nd. While this news totally sucks for everyone, we are still committed to doing everything we can to serve you even while our physical locations are closed down.

The following items will be in place for the next 6 weeks…  

Equipment Loans

We did it once, and we’re doing it again! Just about every piece of equipment we own that can be loaded into a car is going to be available for a 6 week loan. If you are on a regular membership (not the 2 month Intro or 3 Month Next Steps) and keep your membership active through our closed period we will do everything we can to get your home gym stocked and keep you moving. Please keep an eye on your inbox for an email with specifics about this system in the coming days. If you’d like to upgrade your membership so that you have access to this equipment, please get in touch ASAP at [email protected].

Virtual Classes

Our virtual classes are ramping up and we will be expanding our offerings from the current count of 18 to an anticipated 30+ classes! In addition to the great studio classes we will be adding some functional fitness sessions to keep our full gamut of athletes engaged. If you maintain your membership with GMCF through this time you will be eligible to attend any of these classes. To see which classes will be offered online, check out our class schedule on the website.

Unlimited for All!

That’s right, your memberships will now include unlimited virtual classes while our facilities are closed. We want you all to have as much opportunity as possible to move your bodies through the holiday season so we’re adding this feature to everyone who continues to support us with membership payments for the next 6 weeks.

Intro Membership Extensions

For all of you who have just recently joined our community on a 2 Month Intro package, or a 3 Month Next Steps membership, we will be extending the expiration of those memberships by 6 weeks. We recognize that we need more time to convince you that GMCF is the place you want to call yours, so we look forward to picking up where we left off once we reopen our doors. And in the meantime we hope you can enjoy our virtual class offerings.

Membership Freezes

You have every right to pause your membership during this time. However, we are humbly requesting that you consider making a “donation” to GMCF even if you don’t plan on using any of the above services. 2020 has been a very rough year to operate a fitness facility, so your ongoing financial support will allow us to hit 2021 in a stronger position to pursue our mission of expanding and improving upon what we’ve already been able to accomplish this year. Thank you in advance if you are able to do this, and if you can’t we totally understand – COVID has affected us all in different ways.

Tennis Contract Time Extension

Turns out there is no way to deliver tennis through a zoom meeting, so we’re extending all of the contract time agreements to end on October 31st instead of September 31st. We’re sorry we can’t support your play through this time, but we’ll be back before you know it.

We have more to communicate on the details of these initiatives, and we know that you have questions. We will not be able to field phone calls during our closure, but will be diligently attending our [email protected] inbox and if there is anything that cannot be handled via email we will reach out by phone. Please stay tuned for a weekend communication where we can begin explaining more about what these next 6 weeks look like.

And lastly, don’t worry! Anytime a business shuts its doors there is an assumption of trouble. While we’re not sugar-coating our challenges, we have had a fall season where everything was heading in the right direction. Our Intro membership sales were over 200 strong, and in the heart of a pandemic this is great news. The fact that we have that many people exploring what we have to offer at GMCF bodes well for our future once the pandemic starts to subside. We are extremely bullish on the future of our business and look forward to seeing you all back in the gym on January 2nd!


Thank you,