Information re: COVID Closure

Hello GMCF Members!

We are on the cusp of a new year and our phased reopening of the GMCF facilities. We’re glad that many of you have been able to enjoy our virtual class offerings these last 6 weeks, and hope that the loaner equipment got lots of use. And now let’s lay out the schedule and fill in some important details for you to all plan for your comeback in 2021!
Starting this Saturday we will begin to have members back in the building at 652 Granger and our reopening schedule remains the same as we projected in our last communication…
Saturday, January 2nd: Tennis/Pickleball/Personal Training
Those that have purchased tennis contract time will be back in action at your regular times. We do have a few spots for drop-in tennis if anyone is interested. Pickleball will be opening up with reservations needed. We have two sets of two courts available between the hours of 8 am and 7 pm M-F, 8 am and 5 pm Saturday and 8 am and 4 pm Sunday. To make a reservation for court time either use the ClubReady app (look under Court Usage) or email [email protected] and let us know what you’re looking for. Starting on Monday the 4th we will begin responding to phone calls as well. During this phase the locker rooms will be open, but there will be no access to showers or the sauna. The front desk will not be monitored except when groups are coming in for reserved court times. We will also be hosting Personal Training sessions in the Fitness Barn so if you are ready to get cracking on your new year’s resolutions please reach out to Zach ([email protected]) and get your time with a trainer booked!
NOTE: Virtual Classes will remain available through this reopening process as we have chosen to extend the offering of free unlimited classes for active regular members until we are fully open on January 18th.
Monday – January 11th: Pool Reopening
Lane Reservations are available for booking now! The pool and hot tub will resume operations on the 11th, although the Front Desk will continue to not be monitored so check-ins will happen at pool level with the pool entry serving as your primary access. The second floor locker rooms will also be available and those showers will be open at this time. Note that if your membership is currently frozen you will not be able to book a lane, so email [email protected] if you’d like us to reactivate you. Also as a reminder, lanes are in HIGH DEMAND so we are not allowing back-to-back reservations (2 hour blocks) and it is paramount that you cancel reservations you are not able to attend. It is your attention to these policies that will allow for as many members as possible to have access to this precious resource! 
Thursday, January 14th – Saturday, January 16th: Equipment Loan Return
On Thursday the 14th we will begin three days of equipment returns in preparation for our full opening of the Fitness Barn. We will communicate more details on this process as we get closer to this date. Use it while you got it!
Monday, January 18th: Fully Open
Monday morning at 5 am we will be back to regular hours and full services! There may be a few in-person classes that do not return to the schedule for a bit, and some that continue to be virtual only. And we’re excited that we’ll have many classes delivered with the hybrid format so that we can continue to keep those at home satisfied while we begin our live sessions. At this time our Aquatics classes will also resume, as will all classes in our Downtown location.
During this time we will continue our vigilance of keeping you all safe during your time at GMCF. Initially we will enforce mask usage throughout the buildings, during your workouts and in your classes. We will continue to monitor our Vermont COVID case counts and hope that as we get deeper into the new year we will be able remove the masks-while-you-workout policy. This will be good motivation for us all to do our part and practice responsibility in our personal lives so that we can get back to the days of summer when just “regular” mask wearing was enough.
Thank you all for your patience as we get to the backside of this voluntary closure. It has allowed us the time to regroup financially and reduced some of the pandemic-related stress we carry as a gathering place in our area. Our strength is in our community, and we hope you understand our commitment to all of our GMCF members’ health. While we run this holiday gauntlet of increased COVID threat let’s appreciate what we have to look forward to… a strong and resilient fitness center filled with great people doing productive things with their bodies. We anticipate a great year ahead and deeply appreciate the company we get to keep on this journey.
Happy New Years!