July Holds Change – Let’s Embrace It!


July Holds Change – Let’s Embrace It!

Today marks a turning point in our organization and we want to help you manage this bend in the road without any whiplash. As our lease runs out at 654 Granger we begin the unification of three communities under one umbrella. Our 10 year old business will be integrating into the space at 652 Granger with a 44 year old business, while simultaneously launching our GMCF Downtown studio that had been Zenith for many years. Change is in definitely in the air, and we welcome it wholeheartedly. But this can be difficult for many, so let’s plan it out together!

First up, we have the reopening of GMCF Downtown. This satellite location at 50 Main St. in Montpelier brings us a host of new classes and talented instructors accessible by all of our class-going members. Yesterday Shannon Kelly’s Total Body HiiT class in that space was a wonderful blend of folks from multiple exercise backgrounds, and a true sign that fitness is better together. We encourage all of our people to explore the schedule and book yourself into a class in the beautiful studio space downtown so we can continue that trend of unification. And the bonus with GMCF Downtown is there is no construction going on!

Which brings us to the changes afoot at our GMCF HQ location, where change is happening fast and furious. As of tomorrow we will no longer require reservations into the Fitness Floor area as we are well-within our capacity limits and wanting to remove any sort of friction for our members to come workout. On Monday we will be holding our first GMXFIT class in the new Fitness Barn, a moment we have been working towards for months. At that point our sights will be set on getting the existing fitness floor at 652 relocated alongside this new classroom space in the barn. We are shooting for an August 1st opening of that exciting new fitness center in all its high-ceiling glory!

Between now and then, we are working towards gradually re-opening the internal facilities of GMCF HQ, with access to the locker rooms, showers and our new heated studio space. Along the way there will be some temporary adjustments for us all. Entry into the various spaces will evolve. Equipment will be moved. Noise from construction may intrude. And people will be bustling. Your class instructor may double as a painter, the Executive Director may be running a forklift, and your fellow gym goers may be taking on an extra workout moving gear around. We won’t sugarcoat this – it will be a little crazy!

So the number one thing we want to do to ensure the craziness is tolerable for all is communicate! We will be putting out a newsletter twice a week to help you all know what to expect. The Blog posts will continue to roll out. The phones will be answered between 5:30 am and 5 pm. And we will do our best to keep up with signage to help keep you oriented. And we want you to communicate right back – letting us know what’s not working for you, and what things you are loving about the new developments. In the end, all this investment is for you, the GMCF Members, so help us apply our resources in the best possible manner.

Bring it on, July!