MTB Ready Series @ GMCF

It’s still cold outside but we know that the MTB fanatics are already itching to get out on the trails! GMCF can help you get READY for an epic season with this six-week series on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:15pm. Classes are 90 minutes long and split evenly between strength training and conditioning, guaranteed to get you feeling faster and more powerful than ever (once the snow clears and the trails dry up). 

Cost is $175 and series is OPEN TO ALL.

I want to say thanks for the MTB Ready classes!  And, can you sign me up already for next year??

I took one ride at Cady Hill pre-class and my first post-class ride yesterday at Perry Hill. I definitely noticed a difference.  I still struggle with technical spots with corners and obstacles on the uphill so that slows me down. Although I was breathing heavy climbing, I recovered quickly which was quite noticeable! 

– 2021 Participant