Open Door Fundraiser a Total Success!


Open Door Fundraiser a Total Success!

We are so grateful to have a community of members who can come together and contribute so generously in support of our mission! The Open Door fund, in tribute to Andrew McHugh, is our way of supporting more opportunities for fitness for more people, and Saturday’s efforts go a long way towards that end!

When we totaled our class attendance for the day we just barely clawed our way into the triple digit zone with 103 class bookings. With GMCF contributing $10 per head, that started our day’s tally at over $1000. Then we managed to rack up over $2000 in direct contributions, so with the dollar-for-dollar matching funds from GMCF we are over $5000! And please note that this fund gets used year-round, so contribution are ALSO welcome year-round, in case you missed the action on Saturday! You can find our donation links here:

One highlight of the day was a 45 minute visit from our Governor, Phil Scott. He got wind of our fundraiser and came by to talk with us about how our business was doing and what the future holds for GMCF.

Sneak peek of an awesome visit on an awesome day… thank you @philscottvt 💚

Posted by Green Mountain Community Fitness on Saturday, August 22, 2020

Cady toured him through the facility and spoke at length about how we are implementing our COVID protocols, following the best practices that the Gov himself has mandated. Kudos to EVERYONE who came through with their masks on – we definitely had our “game day” routines going! Governor Scott ended his tour with a generous contribution to the Open Door fund and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have his approval as we move forward through these trying times.

And now the work begins… We have a mandate to spend these funds over the year ahead with special attention to those who are NOT YET members of GMCF. We know the amazing benefits of fitness + community, and you are our link into the larger population of central Vermonters from which we hope to pull in members. If you know of someone who could use what we offer, but is being held back for financial reasons, please contact Janice ([email protected]) and find out how the Open Door Scholarship works.

And lastly, we want to thank Rosalie Rheaume and Andrew McHugh’s family for allowing us to associate Andrew’s name with our fundraising efforts. While the tragedy of Andrew’s passing remains, we honor his life by spreading the gift of fitness far and wide. Thank you, Andrew.