Open Door Scholarship Fund

In 2018, Green Mountain CrossFit lost one of its loyal members, Andrew McHugh, but his legacy of kindness lives on through the Open Door Scholarship Fund. This fund is dedicated to opening the doors of Green Mountain Community Fitness to people within our community who have the desire to participate in our programs but lack the financial capacity to do so.

How do I contribute?

We run annual fundraiser events to generate income for the fund and to create an opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate each other!

We also offer the option to make a one-time contribution, as well as a recurring contribution.

To make a one-time contribution, or if you’d like to set up a recurring contribution, please email Cady Hart-Petterssen, our interim fund manager.

In order to build a more sustainable fund, we are not currently accepting applications at this time. Please check back again later.

Click Here to learn about the Open Door application process.