Personalized (or 1-on-1) Services

  • Private Fitness Training in Berlin VT, Private Fitness Training near Montpelier VT, Private Fitness Training near Randolph VT, Private Fitness Training near Waterbury VT, Private Fitness Training near Newbury VT, Private Fitness Training near Danville VT, Private Fitness Training near Barre VT
We can help you meet all your personal goals! With our expert personal trainers, nutritionist and wellness coach, we’ll support you all the way to the finish line.
Personal Training

We have 8 experienced trainers with a wide range of coaching knowledge and skills. Our one-on-one sessions will help you hone in on weaknesses, learn proper form and movement, and become oriented with safe and healthy fitness practices. Whether you’re coming back from injury, optimizing your fitness, or preparing for competition, we have a trainer for you!

Personalized Programming

Have one of our experienced coaches tailor a training program to your individual needs and accessibility. From extra movement routines at home to a fully comprehensive regimen, there is no faster way to meet your unique goals!

Nutrition Coaching

Prioritizing your nutrition is the key to feeling your best! Take your health and performance to the next level with our customized nutrition programs that offer a whole-person approach, meeting you wherever you are to move towards your goals.

Health Coaching

Wellness is the mastery of one’s physical and mental wellbeing – weight, fitness, nutrition, stress, health and the mindset to sustain wellness. The coaching relationship can provide support, guidance and encouragement to making changes.

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