REBUILD: Members are our path to success


REBUILD: Members are our path to success

While the pandemic shut us down, like most businesses we were forced to stop delivering most of our services at GMCF. During the shutdown we had many folks put their membership on a freeze, which obviously put a significant strain on our financial position. We anticipate that many of these frozen memberships will eventually re-activate as people begin to feel more comfortable trusting that we are providing a safe place to come workout. But the real COVID impact is the loss of new memberships from the last 10 weeks of closure and what that has done to our projections of turning this business around.

When the investments into the 652 Granger building and the FIF business were being analyzed we placed modest growth goals into our financial models, hoping that new members would be drawn to the revitalization of the space and new ownership. But the pandemic has pretty much rendered those models obsolete as we were unable to engage in marketing anything to the central Vermont community while we were closed.

BUT….now we’re open, and it’s not a time to lament opportunity lost. So here is where you come in! Our members have always been our most successful marketing resource as we firmly believe that if we can deliver great experiences to our customers, our existing members will tell others about GMCF. It’s simple word-of-mouth marketing 101, and it has served us well for 10 years.

So we encourage you all to tell your friends that GMCF is growing. GMCF is building. And GMCF is the place to come move your body, connect with friends, and improve your health. Over the next two months we are going to see the fruits of our physical investment in this new location grow to meet the vision we have, and we hope you can all find something good about this growth to share with those in your personal circle of friends and family. Let them know that they can get a free class or day pass by visiting our website, and use your influence to grow our community.

This is how we rebuild. This is how we succeed.