REBUILD: The State of our Spaces


REBUILD: The State of our Spaces

GMCF has a LOT going on right now! Not only are we partway through a combination of a CrossFit gym and a full-service fitness center, but as of Monday we will also be running a complete boutique studio in downtown Montpelier. Under normal circumstances we would have a fairly complex task of re-opening all these spaces to support out post-shutdown operations, but we have also chosen to apply some significant improvements to our facilities during the quarantine. So many of our spaces are in a state of transition and are requiring some extra attention when it comes to supporting our members safe and comfortable re-entry. So here is a quick run-down on where we are with everything…

Pool – The locker rooms are partway through a significant upgrade and are expected to be ready for use within a week. The pool has begun its reheating process and we are looking forward to seeing you all swimming again soon!

Fitness Floor – We have removed a portion of the 1st floor space for a new tenant and the equipment fleet has been thinned to accommodate the smaller footprint while we await the opening of the new fitness floor. This space needs a solid cleaning before we can re-open it, and that is expected to be complete towards the end of this week.

CrossFit Classroom – With all the equipment back, we have a fully functional gym again, and will begin prepping it for indoor classes that abide by the strict guidelines set by the state. We should be able to use it within a week as we start the migration of classes from outdoors to indoors.

Court Sports – We have stockpiled a bunch of fitness equipment on half of the Pickleball courts, which leaves two courts available for play. The Tennis court remains empty, and we will open both of these spaces as soon as we can establish a safe path to get people out there from the outside.

Lobby – It has been demolished, reconfigured and is currently a construction zone. While you can see the amazing potential as a common space with three new south-facing windows, it is a long way from being usable!

New Fitness Lobby – This space has also undergone a significant overhaul and is in the process of getting put back together. Until we get this space back together (2 weeks?) we will be keeping everyone out of the central part of the 652 building, including the locker rooms.

GMCF Downtown – Besides needing a brand overhaul to reflect the new ownership, this studio space is ready to restart in-person classes as soon as we can get the proper staffing in place.

So you can see that we have a lot of pieces to manage, and will continue to work to get our new spaces open and available to our members! Each area will have its own access point, cleaning protocols, schedule and staff needs. We will continue to announce this evolution as it happens, so stay tuned for daily info arriving here, our GMCF Facebook page and via newsletters.