RECONNECT: Members Staying Busy!


RECONNECT: Members Staying Busy!

We were only up and running for 2 months before the pandemic shut us down, so the knowledge of our newly expanded membership is only just beginning. One of the many people who we did get to meet was Justin, who was mid-training for an Ironman triathlon when things went south, and the event was unfortunately cancelled on him. But Justin has persevered and has organized his own fundraising event in support of suicide awareness, and plans on completing his full Ironman in August, alongside anyone who wants to join!

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We congratulate Justin and all of our members who contribute great things to the central Vermont region. The people at GMCF are our lifeblood, and we are excited to connect, and reconnect with you all in the months ahead as things start to shift back to our in-person services.

And let’s reach out and support Justin and his efforts for suicide awareness – Donate HERE