Rules of Engagement


Please check and confirm you have made a reservation for your visit. Reservations are required for use of the pool and class attendance. Should you need assistance with making a reservation, please contact [email protected] or call 802-223-6161. 


Please arrive a few minutes before your reservation to get yourself oriented, especially if it is your first visit back. There will be signs to assist you in navigating some traffic flow into the appropriate activity space. 


Each activity has a unique entrance to the space where the activity will be held. Please park in the designated area for your activity. 


Full compliance with our guidelines must be followed in order to participate in the activities we are offering at this time. Please know that all of the guidelines that are or will be set are in place to keep our staff and you (our members) remaining healthy and well and physically fit, together. 

Masks are required as you enter and move around the building. Masks must remain on your person at all times during your visit. 

Wash Your Hands or Use Hand Sanitizer upon entry into the building. 

Priority 1: You will not register for class if you are not feeling well. 

Priority 2: You will remain at least 6 feet apart from any other person at all times. 

Priority 3: You will work in a designated space marked out for you. We know you will be breathing hard during your workout and will practice keeping you far from other participants. 

Priority 4: You will utilize the designated bathroom facilities that are the closest in proximity to the activity you are participating in. Do your best to plan ahead, however. Should you need the restroom during the time you are here, you will be expected to practice the posted safety protocols. 

Priority 5: You will have access to sanitizing wipes and a cleaning solution should they be needed at any time during your time with us. You are required to clean equipment before and after use. 

Priority 6: You will be expected to follow the Trainer’s instructions while participating in a group class. Please communicate with your Trainer if you need or decide to perform alternative movements so they know what to expect from you. 

Note: Stay Low Risk – Now is not the time to try a brand new or extreme exercise. Please respect your body and it’s capacity to perform after a likely limited training regimine. 


We will have sanitization practices in place as we use necessary equipment for our classes. Should items be scheduled for use in the workout, your trainer will have treated them with a sanitation protocol and you will be required to treat what you touched with a cleaning protocol at the end of class. 

Priority 7: Absolutely NO sharing equipment with anyone not from the same household. 


Please do a double and triple check to remember to bring all of the items you carried with you back to your car. This will help keep our Staff Members safe as well.