Sports Performance Academy

At Green Mountain Community Fitness, we’re committed to supporting central Vermont’s talented youth athletes!

The Sports Performance Academy is an 8-week series designed for athletes ages 14-19. This series combines the principles of functional fitness and sports performance to help young athletes become stronger, faster, and perform better on the field (or court or pitch or track or whatever!).

Athletes will spend 90 minutes per session working on strength, speed, agility, coordination, and more, with clear performance metrics so it’s easy to track their progress and see real improvement. Class sessions are held two days per week, with a programmed third day of “homework” that athletes may complete on their own time.

The series is coached by GMCF Fitness Director Zach Napolitano, who has over a decade of experience in personal training, youth sports, and sports performance. If you have any questions, feel free to email [email protected].

We are currently planning our next session so stay tuned for more information!


Louisa Thomsen

Varsity soccer / Varsity hockey – Harwood Union High

After working with Zach for a while, through group training programs as well as individualized workouts and training sessions, I saw myself grow so much. I noticed a huge difference in my speed and physicality in my soccer season after working out with him over the summer. Not only was I able to see big results on the field and the ice, but my mentality definitely changed and I grew more confident in myself. Even throughout an injury, Zach adapted to what I was able to do and he helped me stay conditioned and strong.

Adam Porterfield

Varsity soccer – Harwood Union

With [Sports Performance Academy], I learned to push myself and find my body’s limits. I have taken this lesson to another context; I took it to defending in a soccer match. I have recently seen a lot of improvement in how effective I am defensively. I would previously jog and move intelligently to force the opponents back or towards one of my teammates. Now I am more aggressive, and I can flip a switch to press hard and still get back behind the ball. Another, more expected result would be my comfort in the gym.┬áThis was really my first experience with lifting weights, and I am so glad that I got it with your support. I never had the chance to formulate any bad habits. Now I am much more confident in my understanding of how to work out effectively.