Masters Division

Overall & Workout Leaderboards

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Team NameEvent ScoreEvent rank
Hustle and Muscle1.82
Royal Flush1.41
Legs Miserables2.353
Team NameWorkout 1 scoreWorkout 1 rank
Hustle and Muscle12331
Royal Flush12613
Legs Miserables12522
Team NameRotation scoreRotation rank
Hustle and Muscle248152
Royal Flush274801
Legs Miserables241003
Team NameWorkout 2 REPS scoreWorkout 2 REPS rankWorkout 2 BIKE scoreWorkout 2 BIKE rank
Hustle and Muscle7335232
Royal Flush11814941
Legs Miserables8625273
Team NameWorkout 3 scoreWorkout 3 rank
Hustle and Muscle402
Royal Flush461
Legs Miserables333
Team NameFloater rank
Hustle and Muscle1
Royal Flush1
Legs Miserables1