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Day Two

Overall & Day 1 Events

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Team NameEvent ScoreEvent Rank
WFF WOD Stars3.743
Burly chicks 7.1410
Consensual Flex2.042
Corn Dog Avenue 4.765
Abs You Wish7.4412
Burly WOD Squad6.107
The Kids1.561
Shorty Squad + Pauly D 5.726
Stranger Danger7.089
Witness the Thickness4.264
Perfect Strangers 7.1410
Team NameWorkout 1.1 scoreWorkout 1.1 rank
WFF WOD Stars4
Burly chicks 40110
Consensual Flex5072
Corn Dog Avenue 4178
Abs You Wish36811
Burly WOD Squad4347
The Kids5151
Shorty Squad + Pauly D 4139
Stranger Danger4465
Witness the Thickness4823
Perfect Strangers 4406
Team NameWorkout 2.1 scoreWorkout 2.1 rank
WFF WOD Stars1305
Burly chicks 1179
Consensual Flex1471
Corn Dog Avenue 1393
Abs You Wish1246
Burly WOD Squad1179
The Kids1471
Shorty Squad + Pauly D 1188
Stranger Danger11411
Witness the Thickness1217
Perfect Strangers 11312
Team NameWorkout 3.1 scoreWorkout 3.1 rank
WFF WOD Stars376053
Burly chicks 328906
Consensual Flex414601
Corn Dog Avenue 400002
Abs You Wish2661012
Burly WOD Squad3069510
The Kids357704
Shorty Squad + Pauly D 346305
Stranger Danger2881011
Witness the Thickness328207
Perfect Strangers 311558

Day 2 Events

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Team NameWorkout 1.2 scoreWorkout 1.2 rank
WFF WOD Stars11166
Burly chicks 11177
Consensual Flex8821
Corn Dog Avenue 124711
Abs You Wish120110
Burly WOD Squad11155
The Kids9102
Shorty Squad + Pauly D 10904
Stranger Danger11177
Witness the Thickness10603
Perfect Strangers 11669
Team NameWorkout 2 REPS scoreWorkout 2 REPS rankWorkout 2 BIKE scoreWorkout 2 BIKE rank
WFF WOD Stars11214384
Burly chicks 82114949
Consensual Flex10733751
Corn Dog Avenue 10154837
Abs You Wish811251910
Burly WOD Squad10154535
The Kids11214333
Shorty Squad + Pauly D 92854912
Stranger Danger9774928
Witness the Thickness10644816
Perfect Strangers 92853211
Team NameWorkout 3 scoreWorkout 3 rank
WFF WOD Stars584
Burly chicks 448
Consensual Flex752
Corn Dog Avenue 575
Abs You Wish429
Burly WOD Squad429
The Kids801
Shorty Squad + Pauly D 593
Stranger Danger4111
Witness the Thickness566
Perfect Strangers 4012
Team NameFloater rank
WFF WOD Stars9
Burly chicks 9
Consensual Flex7
Corn Dog Avenue 5
Abs You Wish2
Burly WOD Squad9
The Kids1
Shorty Squad + Pauly D 7
Stranger Danger9
Witness the Thickness5
Perfect Strangers 4

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