Week of Work (WOW) Wednesday – 1/15/20


Week of Work (WOW) Wednesday – 1/15/20

Mark (left) and Tom.

Mark (left) and Tom.

Welcome to the inaugural Week of Work (WOW) Wednesday post! This is a chance for us to update the members on all the awesome construction and renovation work that’s happening in the building, week by week.

But before we start into that, it’s high time you all got to know your maintenance and construction crew.

Tom Nalepka

Better known as the Kilted Carpenter, Tom brings 15 years of running his own contracting business, and a lifetime of hammer-swinging to the table. You can’t miss his lush, gray beard and sharp personality as he scampers around, bringing great ideas to life in the form of carpentry and metalwork. Tom will be sticking around long term as he will be our Building Manager once initial renovations are complete.

Mark White

Mark is a farm-boy-turned-carpenter, so his skills range from engine repair to fine woodwork, and everything in between. He can simultaneously wax philosophical and hang sheetrock, making him a great dude to work with, and about the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Mark will be contracting with us for about 6 months while we do the heavy lifting of our initial renovations.

This week of work

This week, Tom and Mark have been hard at work in Studio 2 (the studio downstairs off the locker rooms), transforming it into our brand new FIRE STUDIO. They’ve completely overhauled the electrical system and the insulation in this room in order to prepare to install state-of-the-art infrared heating panels in the ceiling, and they’re also replacing the floors and wall coverings. This studio will host a number of exciting new classes, including HOT YOGA and MEDITATION.

Keep your eyes on the schedule to see when those classes begin to become available. If you’re interested in teaching a class that you think might be appropriate for the Fire Studio, or you know someone who is, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Fitness Director Zach Napolitano ([email protected]).