Week of Work (WOW) Wednesday – 1/22/20


Week of Work (WOW) Wednesday – 1/22/20



Well, folks, it’s finally official – on Friday January 17th, we became GREEN MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY FITNESS. We swapped out some signage as one of our first acts, and of course this work had to be done on one of the coldest days of the year so far. Special shout-out to Tom and his frozen fingers for doing such a nice job!

On the facilities front, our work continues apace. Mark and Tom have been chugging away in the Fire Studio this last week, getting the ceiling buttoned up and preparing for the paneling that will be installed. Along with the infrared panels themselves (25 of them!) the ceiling will have suspended wood panels that carry the lighting, so the boys have bracketed out the overhead space for the hanging of many things!


On the electrical front, our two master electricians, Dana and Chris, have been overhauling the cluster of wiring, transformers and general mayhem of the power supply so that we can get the building back on code.

Then if you’ve been out to the tennis courts you’ll smell the ozone! After a great consultation with Green Home Solutions (local company and awesome to work with) we performed an overnight treatment to knock down the musty odor that’s been in the tennis barn for awhile now. After they detected no mold (hallelujah!) the ozone treatment was prescribed, and we’re looking forward to some healthier air quality for the future.

Lastly, Mark put his farm-hand and bicycle skills to work to fix a couple of broken down machines in the fitness area. Janice had the parts on hand and the repairs went fast!

In non-facilities work, we’ve been spending a lot of time getting to know all of you and how things work at 652 Granger Rd. In the coming weeks, we’ll be continuing to listen and continuing to put in the leg work to make your fitness experience the very best that Central Vermont has to offer!

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions at all. Nick and Gail can often be found in their interim office at the front of the lobby (the old birthday room), or running around the building somewhere.