Week of Work (WOW) Wednesday 1/29/20


Week of Work (WOW) Wednesday 1/29/20

The Fire Studio is getting hotter by the day! Tom and Mark have spent the week fabricating some custom ceiling panels that will surround the infrared heaters, and are in deep prep mode for the painter to show up tomorrow (Thursday)! The rest of this week will be spent putting some extra touches on the studio and in preparation for our next big project…


Many of you might have seen or heard that our next construction zone will be in the WOMEN’S LOCKER ROOM! The locker rooms will be closed Monday February 3 through Friday February 7, but don’t despair! In addition to the pool locker rooms and the bathrooms down on the fitness floor, we’ll also be creating a couple more temporary changing spaces and gym bag storage in the former Choice Physical Fitness area just off the main lobby.

For those members who have locker rentals, you might want to clean out your belongings before this work begins. The work might kick up some dust, and we want to make sure that your things are well taken care of!

In the locker rooms, we’ll be splashing on a fresh coat of paint, replacing the carpet with new flooring, adding new shower partitions, and a few other changes. We want our new locker rooms to be an inviting and relaxing space, and somewhere you’ll enjoy winding down and cleaning up after a great workout!