Week of Work (WOW) Wednesday – 4/29/20


Week of Work (WOW) Wednesday – 4/29/20

“Wow” is right…

Six weeks have passed since our last WOW entry, and so many things have changed, both inside the building and in the outside world.

A very small crew has been hard at work on the building at 652 Granger Rd, in all the ways that have been possible while still being in compliance with Governor Scott’s restrictions on construction. We were excited to see the recent news that has increased the amount of folks who might be allowed in the building, because this means MORE WORK WILL BE COMPLETED IN A FASTER TIME FRAME!

The projects in the works aren’t yet ready for pictures, but trust us that the building interior will look quite different when we reopen (in a good way!). We’re making a number of much-needed upgrades and are looking forward to bringing you the state-of-the-art fitness experience you deserve.

The view from Granger Rd - see the gym in the upper corner!

The view from Granger Rd – see the gym in the upper corner!

One project we are really excited about is the fact that we’ve put in a new water line and will now be on city water! Granted, this project doesn’t seem particularly exciting (although now hopefully the water in the fountains will taste better), but it enables us to move forward with two other projects that we’re very excited about: the opening of the downstairs child care center, and the installation of a proper sprinkler system.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates! We’ll be providing more information and pictures as the work continues. We miss you all, and we’re excited to see you soon!