wellness & nutrition coaching

Performance starts here!

We know the story: you’ve been working so hard at the gym, putting in way more hours, and you’re definitely getting stronger. But, you still don’t quite feel as good as you know you could.

We have two awesome options for you!

Wellness coaching – Let us guide you through a goal-setting process to create lasting positive behavioral change. Wellness coaching will help you optimize every part of your life!

Nutrition coaching – How we choose to fuel our bodies impacts each and every aspect of our lives. Prioritizing your nutrition is the key to looking and feeling your best!

Meet our Wellness Coaches

Kerry McCarthy, DPT, CHWC

I graduated from UVM in 2008 with a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, and my primary interest has always been helping people improve their health and wellness.  In 2016 I began offering personal training services at GMCF as a way to help people with their physical fitness goals beyond physical therapy.  As my physical therapy career progressed I began to appreciate the role behavior change had not only in a successful course of physical therapy, but for successful medical outcomes of all kinds, including improvements in one’s overall health and wellness. Applying health coaching principles to my work as physical therapist and personal trainer has helped me serve my patients and clients more effectively.

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Cady Hart-Petterssen, CHWC

One’s wellness is drastically impacted by their fitness level, but that is not all that plays into building a more well body.  Nutrition, stress management, and sleep are some other areas of the human experience that peak my interest.  I work with individuals and sometimes in group settings with our athletes to help discover ways to improve the full spectrum of their wellness. 

I hold a Master’s degree in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University and am a certified Health and Wellness Coach.

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Kate Bean, RD, CHWC

Nutrition goes well beyond a meal plan. It’s about laying the foundation so we can most consistently eat foods we enjoy and that make us feel our best. I believe there is incredible value in reflecting on how and what we eat and using that information to make progress towards sustainable goals in our health and wellness. There are many reasons to care for and treat ourselves well and wellness coaching can specifically help to discover what these may be for you. Always client focused and honored to be part of someone’s journey, I look forward to working with you.

Meet our Nutrition Coach

Morgan Gosselin, MS

I focus on creating diet and lifestyle changes that are sustainable. I believe it is important that you can still enjoy the foods you love while still making progress to your goals. Fueling your body with enough nutrients and calories is important for all lifestyles; restriction of food groups and calories is not necessary to reach your health goals. Whether you are looking for general nutrition help, learning how to fuel your body for your specific sport, or looking to lose weight or gain muscle, I am here to assist you!

I hold a Master’s degree in Exercise & Sport Science, and am also an Advanced Sport Performance Coach with USA Weightlifting.

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