What is ErgFIT?


What is ErgFIT?

Tuesday 5:15 pm ErgFIT class – Get your cardio in with plenty of space and fresh air!

GMCF has a whole bunch of new classes on the schedule and we’d like to explain each one for you, starting with ERGFIT…

ErgFIT is a class designed to improve your endurance and stamina. It’s 45 minutes long and uses our 4 “self-powered” cardio machines: the Rower, the BikeERG, the TrueForm Runner and the SkiERG. We do intervals that range in length from 1 minute to 12 minutes in length, with specific goals to achieve with intensity and cadence. Everyone works at their own unique pace and has the option to only perform the low impact movements of rowing, skiing and biking.

Once you have taken a few classes we have the option to utilize a new app called Ergon that will help you target your efforts even more accurately. The app is always optional, but can be a fun way to make your workouts even more engaging. And once you have Ergon up and running on your phone it allows you to do your own training outside of class!

ErgFIT is one of our FIT-family of classes that serve as launch pads into the GMXFIT classes. Many people wonder about GMXFIT (formerly CrossFit) and how to safely enter that style of class programming, and the answer is to attend the FIT classes (KBXFIT, HIITFIT, ErgFIT, RowFIT, GetFIT) for awhile until you feel like you are getting a handle on all of our functional fitness movements. Generally speaking about 10 classes will get you there. We will soon be opening up a new class called BarbellFIT which is a class that focuses on the power lifting and Olympic lifting skills that we us in GMXFIT. With this experience under your belt you will be fully prepared to handle anything a GMXFIT class can throw at you!

ERGFIT runs at 4:45 pm on Tuesdays in Berlin – Sign up now as space is limited!