Fitness is better together

GMCF is a community of great people who gather daily to share a passion for movement, built on the principle that fitness is better together. Our staff and members are on a first name basis and we care deeply about your experiences with us. People are the reason our business thrives, and why our community grows stronger every day.


Boutique studio meets full-service fitness center

GMCF offers you the personalized experience of specialty studio classes with the facility and amenities of a high-end gym. With four studios, a functional fitness gym, spacious fitness area, pool and hot tub, and comfortable locker rooms with saunas, your membership gives you the best of all worlds.


Amazing staff supporting you daily

Whether attending your favorite fitness class, working out on your own, or working individually with our professional personal trainers, our team delivers you results. We have assembled Vermont’s premier coaching staff and class instructor roster to ensure your time with us is well spent. All ages, all ability levels, and all goals are welcome and celebrated at Green Mountain Community Fitness.

GMCF Code of Conduct

At GMCF we expect that our members, visitors, and staff treat each other with respect and dignity. Failure to comply with any of the following can result in disciplinary action up to and including revocation of membership and/or legal action.

  1. Be courteous and respectful at all times to staff, fellow members, and visitors.
  2. Be responsible for your belongings and equipment – please clean and put away anything you use.
  3. Do not engage in illegal activity on our premises (including the grounds and parking lots).
  4. Regard the spaces and equipment you use as shared resources, and return all items to their original location after use. We expect you to conduct yourself in such a way that your behavior does not diminish the experience of anyone else.
  5. Read and follow all posted rules and signage in the building.
  6. All memberships and daily access to GMCF facilities and services are intended for personal use only. Please consult with GMCF management before utilizing our resources for a commercial purpose.

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