Group Classes

We host more than 75 classes each week, with something for everyone! We offer yoga, Pilates, HIIT, rowing, aqua aerobics, and so much more, all taught by the most experienced and qualified instructors in central Vermont. We also offer a suite of classes inspired by the basics of functional fitness and a number of other ways to get stronger every day!

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Class NameClass Description
Aqua AerobicsAqua Aerobics classes are a great way to mix up a traditional gym workout with the wondrous benefits of water - increase stamina, strength, and flexibility in a low-impact environment!
BalanceA play-based learning experience centered around Balance. A 45 minute class that focuses on core engagement, strength, and stability. All exercises may be modified to suit individual needs.
BarbellFITBarbellFIT is designed for athletes looking to either learn or to hone their barbell skills. There will be instruction on the Power and Olympic lifts, skills and drills, and a short workout at the end of each session. This class is highly recommended for anyone who is not yet fluid and comfortable with the barbell and is a prerequisite to attend GMXFIT classes if you do not have any barbell experience.
BarreCombining elements of ballet, Pilates, and yoga, this class focuses on whole body muscle activation, awareness, flexibility, with an element of musicality. Barre is a workout for all ages and levels of experience.
Buti YogaDiscover something secret and hidden deep inside. A blend of traditional yoga and tribal dance, this all-in-one workout combines dance cardio bursts, deep core conditioning, and flexibility to transform your body from the inside out. The beat-blended movements force you out of your head and into your body.
ErgONUsing all three Concept2 ergs (row, ski, bike), this system is designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness - moderate to high intensity.
Fit4LifeFit 4 Life is a class designed to improve whole body strength, flexibility and balance so activities like gardening, lifting a bag of wood pellets, or playing with your kids or grand kids are easier and more enjoyable. It is an hour long class led by a Physical Therapist in a low-key, supportive atmosphere. Body weight exercises and small weights are used for workouts that vary from week to week. Movements are customized to each participant's abilities.
FlowBurn[Vinyasa Style] Stretch, sweat and surrender. A powerful, energetic form of yoga where postures are linked together fluidly using the consistency of the breath as a major focus. This revitalizing form of physical fitness incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental stamina in each session. Temperature: Hot
FoundationsThis class has a gentle approach to fitness. We will be using a blend of Pilates movements, a few Yoga poses and basic strength exercises. The use of resistance bands, hand weights and our own bodies and minds will generate better balance, bone health, muscular strength and a feeling of well being. All levels welcome.
GetFITOur introduction to functional fitness - expect bodyweight movements, mobility and technique instruction, all at a moderate level of intensity.
GMXFITConstantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity - please consult a staff member if you're new to CrossFit.
HIITFITGuaranteed to get your heart pumping! Our high-intensity interval training class is 60 minutes of pure cardio with movements anyone can perform.
Hot 26&2[Bikram Style] Get ready to sweat! This therapeutic set sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises is designed to heal, strengthen and balance the body as well as focus and challenge the mind. This class leaves you feeling detoxified and refreshed from the inside out. Temperature: Very Hot
KBXFITOdd object focused functional fitness - includes kettlebells, maces, yokes, and more. High-intensity.
Masters SwimIf you’re an adult lap swimmer who would like to improve your endurance, skills, strength and knowledge, GMCF Masters Swim is the program for you! Not just for experts, ("Masters" just means adults!) this class is open to proficient swimmers of all levels; workouts are scaled to ability. Masters is not a learn-to-swim program, however. You should be able to swim 50 yards (2 lengths) without stopping.
OutFITOutFIT is a class designed to provide a positive space for progressive functional fitness with a special focus on our LGBTQIA community members. The series aims to provide safe, professional, and knowledgeable instruction in gender-affirming strength training, and to foster community through exercise.
Pickleball Skills & DrillsOne hour class featuring 3 skills of pickleball, different each week, with lots of ball contacts and practice time.
PilatesTarget your body’s “powerhouse” – your core. This moderately paced class utilizes rhythmic sequences of low-impact mobility and muscular strength movements in order to improve muscular symmetry, alignment, posture, core-strength and flexibility. Temperature: Not Heated
Power YogaThis style combines the athletics of Ashtanga with the flow of Vinyasa. A variety of yoga postures are put together in sequences designed to build strength and endurance. This is accomplished through challenging positions that you either repeatedly move through quickly (increasing heart rate and targeting certain muscle groups) or hold for a longer time than usual (building muscle strength and endurance).
Rise YogaThis is a class based on alignment principles and hatha yoga— longer holds with options to increase or decrease intensity. Great for those new to yoga and for people looking for support with mobility and flexibility. For all levels.
RowingThis 45 minute class focuses on the full-body conditioning benefits of the Concept2 Rowing machine. After a warm-up and/or technique developing, the bulk of the time is spent working through intervals of varying lengths and intensity levels. All levels of fitness and rowing experience are welcome.
Simmer[Yin style] A slow-paced, passive, and restorative form of yoga where postures are held for an extended period of time, allowing deep fascial tissues, tendons, and ligaments to respond. The heat and humidity promote easy-moving joints. Simmer is not a power style class but that does not make it any less powerful.
SlowBurn[Vinyasa Style] Bring balance to the body with the breath. A gentle style of Vinyasa that includes flow, balance, strength and breathing techniques. When we slow down we relax the nervous system, we focus on our breath and we become stronger mentally and physically. Expect a fully balanced class of forward bending, twists and back bends, with opportunity for inversions. Temperature: Warm
STEPStep is an aerobic exercise that is performed by stepping onto and off of an elevated platform while doing upper body movements. Step is one of the most classic forms of functional training. It emulates the everyday functions of walking, climbing stairs, and getting out of a car. We place these everyday functional movements to the beat of music and a step and we create a fun, effective, and humbling, workout that benefits all.