Sweatheart 2024 – Open Division

How to read the leaderboard:

Swolemate Sprints – SS
Hold on Heartthrob – HoH
Roses are Redlined – RaR
Cupid’s Climb – CC

Swolemate Sprints (SS) score = total reps
Hold on Heartthrob (HoH) score = time (in seconds)
Roses are Redlined (RaR) score = total reps
Cupid’s Climb (CC) score = sum of highest weight completed by each athlete

Team NameEvent ScoreEvent RankSS scoreSS rankHoH scoreHoH rankRaR scoreRaR rankCC scoreCC rank
WOD is Love1.511992974124114902
Little Beast and Beauty2.25220711088320445201
Cupid's Creatures4.53192310772212235011
Scrubs & Squats5.25415961098619664603
Generation Gap6517251095519073807
GMCF #86.5617841103718783807
Cookies and kilos 7.257135101103718694603
Booty & The Beast7.7581438115110206336010
What rep are we on? 891537109041831035011
My Neck, My Back...8.5101321111811420444005
Manhattan Project9.75111409116211153123807
Mini Corn Dogs10.51211013117513165114005
Tumble Bugs11.751313012111391441333013
The Doc and The Jock13.7514109141174121411531014
Part Time Athletes 14.515104151188151421431014