Sweatheart 2024 – Rec Division

How to read the leaderboard:

Swolemate Sprints – SS
Hold on Heartthrob – HoH
Roses are Redlined – RaR
Cupid’s Climb – CC

Swolemate Sprints (SS) score = total reps
Hold on Heartthrob (HoH) score = time (in seconds)
Roses are Redlined (RaR) score = total reps
Cupid’s Climb (CC) score = sum of highest weight completed by each athlete

Team NameEvent ScoreEvent RankSS scoreSS rankHoH scoreHoH rankRaR scoreRaR rankCC scoreCC rank
Anna & Stephen1.7512511869425014401
Barbells and Beer Bellies222422825224323902
Seymour Butz 3.2532283769123233106
Two Peas in a WOD4.542115898521743504
802 Burpees and Beers6.25518010916621743305
Dad Bod & The 4th Trimester6.7561887971919783603
Two and a Half Women77212486831861125010
Marriage Counseling8.5818879397185122908
Labor of Love 8.58188710061220172908
Hustle and Muscle9.510171119588191925010
GMCF Morning Crew10.25111351510801420763106
Mighty Mels10.51216312992101881025010
Two More Peas in a WOD11.25131946999111781321015
LIFT YOUR HEART OUT 1314146131049131491625010
Show Me Your Snatch 15.25161431411321615015016