USMS 1-Hour Virtual Challenge

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The GMCF Masters team is participating in the US Masters Swimming 1-Hour Virtual Championship!

We are dedicating a portion of every workout to building endurance and strength to compete in this virtual challenge at the end of January.

Anyone who comes to a GMCF Masters class on January 25th or 30th will be able to partake in the 1-hour challenge.

However, we encourage everyone to officially register for the event with US Masters Swimming! All official participants will receive a cool latex event cap. Clubs with the most participants can win up to $1,000 plus tons of prizes from USMS partners, so let’s get as many folks registered as we can!


To register officially for the event with USMS, visit this page. You will need to be a member of US Masters swimming in order to register. If you are signing up for USMS for the first time, choose “New England Masters (NEM)” as your Club, and “GMCF” as your Workout Group!

Later in the month, we will send out a registration form for the event days at GMCF so that we can know who will be attending which sessions, and how many folks will be officially registered for the challenge. Only those swimmers who are officially registered through USMS will have their splits timed and laps counted by coaches; if you choose not to register with USMS, you can still participate but you will have to count your own laps. In addition, your results cannot be submitted for the official challenge.


A portion of every GMCF Masters Swim class will be dedicated to training up for this challenge. We will be posting results from these segments here.