2024 Sweatheart Throwdown

Get in the Valentine's Day spirit and share your love for CrossFit with your best WOD buddy!

Well, it’s been a WHILE, but the Sweatheart Throwdown is BACK and BETTER THAN EVER!

Event info:

Saturday February 10, 2024
Open & Rec divisions
$160 per team (includes event t-shirt)

T-shirt deadline: Friday January 26, 2024


Each workout will still be structured around two different tiers of load/work (ex: back squats at 135/95) but those will not be attached to gender identity. One athlete on each team will compete at the higher load level, and one athlete will compete at the lower load level. The team will declare to their judge which athlete will be competing at which load level at the beginning of each workout. This designation can change from workout to workout but not within a workout: teams are empowered to choose the appropriate athlete, regardless of gender identity or expression, to complete each type of movement.

We expect that all of our athletes and teams will compete with integrity, and recognize the spirit of inclusivity and FUN that we are hoping to maintain with the return of this awesome event. We encourage folks who have additional questions to reach out to us directly, in the interest of continuing to grow and progress as our community expands!


Open: The Open Division is designed for intermediate to advanced level athletes who would consider themselves good candidates to compete in the CrossFit Open. If you have successfully completed a full season of Open workouts in the Rx division you will be at home in this category. Workouts will have no advanced gymnastics (HSPUs, Muscle-ups, Pistols) or prohibitive weights.

Rec: The Rec Division is for beginner to intermediate athletes who would feel at home doing the scaled version of the CrossFit Open. These are athletes who have good fundamental CrossFit skills but may not have more difficult movements like double-unders, squat snatches or unscaled pull-ups.